Vaxis Noga Arm
Vaxis Noga Arm
Vaxis Noga Arm


Vaxis Noga Arm

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Style:7' 1/4-1/4

[Good Material] Made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, the CNC surface is hard oxidized.

[Universal Adjustment]The magic arm uses the most common 1/4 or 3/8 screw interface to facilitate various angle support.

[Good design] Stainless steel ball head with special treatment thread, durable and firm. The central shaft is locked by a special gear to prevent slippage.

[Easy to Use] Three independent joints, can quickly change the position, a single locking button makes it faster locking, stronger.

[Wide Compatibiliy] Magic Arm can quickly install high-definition wireless image transmission, high-definition monitors, lights, microphones, camera, pickups, hard disks, Arri Camera and other equipment. 


1* Noga Arm